Riding the thermals and sailing the blue sky like the Himalayan eagle can be a thrilling experience. Paragliding facilities are available from SollangNallah, Gulaba, Marrhi and Rothang Pass. From where you want to start of depends on you.  Just enjoy the soaring experience on a two seated paraglide with an expert pilot. You can choose between short, medium or high flight. Or would you like to take the challenge and learn how to fly on your own? if you are pilot you have few options to solo fly in this area.

Best time – all year

Site- Solang Nalla, Marhi, Rohtang only in Summer, Gulaba, Majhach Village, Kanyaal Village, Jana Village and Falayan Village

Type- Short (2 to 4 min) Medium (5 to 10 min) High Fly (11 to 20 min) Cross country fly up to 35 min.

Options -Solo or Tandem

Courses- Basic 3, 5, 7 10 days’ Intermediate 10 to 14 Days and  Advance 10 to 14 days