Rock Climbing / Bouldering

The first stage of mountain climbing, rock climbing and Bouldering is constantly increasing its tribe of enthusiasts. The steep rocky cliffs and mountain sides of Manali Valley offer much to explore and conquer. Rock climbing and Bouldering uses a minimum of aids and the challenge is to find the toughest route and scale in the least possible time. Hands and feet must do most the work, but safety equipment like ropes, body harness, friends and nuts are essential. Manali provides some of the toughest and most exiting rock climbing options in the world. Professional climbers from all offer the world come here to negotiate the rocks and to find new Problem.

Problem- 4c to 7c+

Site- Aleo, Chicoga, Solang Nalla, Bahang,Chatru and Setan Village

Best time – all year as long there is no snow or rain